Lost Pet Psychic

Contacting lost pets or animals can be challenging for many reasons.
Many times animals, when lost are very frightened and worried, which can make it difficult to get clear information; Where they are, what they have seen (objects, buildings,), etc. Sometimes that information (through telepathic images) that I do receive may not be in order from the time they left home, but I will ask them to show me landmarks and areas around them. Some of these landmarks or clues you may recognize, but please remember they may not stay in these areas for long, so by the time you find these areas they may have moved on or been chased elsewhere.

If the animal has already passed out of his/her body suddenly they may not be aware that this has happened. In this situation, we will then help the animal to cross over with love and compassion.

Things you should do in the case of a lost pet or animal:

  1. Send love and compassion to your animal friend. Sometimes the animals can use this positive energy to find their way home.
  2. Try really hard not to overwhelm your animal friend with worry, simply send your love and wishes for their safe return.
  3. Lost animals can travel very far in a short period of time. Contact shelters and pounds in the surrounding areas
  4. Make flyers with your animal’s picture, name, approximate size, and any special markings. Add your name, address, phone#’s, etc. Don’t forget to talk to your neighbors and get any information you can.
  5. Dogs can easily lose track of where they are chasing a rabbit, car, etc. Cats are usually very good at finding their way home. Usually, something may be keeping them away like a dog, or animal has chased them away and they feel they can’t get back home. There are other times cats may have gotten stuck in a tree, in a hole, or in a building hunting a mouse and can’t find their way out. The reason can differ widely with each including why they may have left in the first place.

Lost Pet Psychic Melissa Sibio- call 315-436-0065

Please keep in mind that I am not a GPS so I don’t receive streets or physical addresses from the animal friends.
Remember you can also ask your animal friends to send you information through dreams. Animals are communicating with us all the time, but when our minds are too busy we may not get their messages. When we sleep, information can be received more clear, because our minds are at rest and we don’t have all of the mental chatter going on from the day.
Lost pets/animal family members can be very scary and life-altering. The best we can do for them in these situations is to try to keep our heads about us and do all we can to better the chances of their safe return. I will do all I can to help. But there are absolutely no guarantees they will be or can be found. These are the best chances you have in helping your loved one return home.