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Asher’s message of wisdom July, 7 2016

Don’t loose your Daily sparkle in the darkness of an unjust and unkind world, yet let it shine brighter than ever before. For YOU and only YOU can brighten the darkness within your soul and as you brighten your darkness the darkness around you begins to fade as the light of love becomes overwhelming and beautiful. Write your heart because of each word there is truth and truth brings forth love in which love brings forth harmony among all. Shine your love to each you encounter as your search your journey others will follow the brightness of your soul simply because the light you shine is a compass to happiness, joy, love, prosperity, peace and harmony and in this all who seek it will follow YOU; so be your own ambassador and keep trudging on as your life is truly about to change in the godliness of LOVE forming through all! Don’t forget your true path among all the chaos, chatter and drama about because you are higher than this and should Never lower your vibrations of higher realms to fall into the dramatic paths of others that so easily sleek into your being! Keep protected with Gods divine love and ask for the assistance of Angels above as they are here to help and guide you always; not changing Free will, but yet gently guiding you in the correct path and wholly protecting you and surrounding you with the deepest divine love possible! Look to them, seek them as they are always here to help. Love thy self as you would love another and your light will shine brightly as ever. Stay focused on the path of LOVE and you can never go wrong in direction.
Love and light, Asher