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I really enjoyed by talk with Melissa last night. She gave me ALOT of insight on my new rescue and what he needs and wants. I think we became even closer today ♥ He is a sweetheart of a boy and actually done a few things I asked of him.  Thank you so much
Melissa Sibio– Nikki Delp Boyd

Just wanted to share an amazing story….my beloved Spikey passed away very suddenly and I’ve found it very hard to come to terms with his passing. My doggy Nosy was Spikey’s best friend and refused to come near the bed we shared or even sit nearby. It was very distressing. I asked Melissa for help and it was amazing. But the most
amazing part was that Melissa told me Nosy now felt she had to take greater care of me now Spikey had left and protect me more. Today, I was in the garden when Nosy launched herself at me, knocked me over, barked and barked then I saw a huge Cobra had been under my chair. Nosy grabbed it…God only knows how, and flung it away where all my others joined in. Without Nosy I don’t know what would have happened. She truly did what she promised Melissa she would do by never moving from my side . And the Cobra never bit any of them!! How great is that. Melissa was right 100% .– Barbara Segal

I came across an ad on craigslist leading me to Melissa’s website. My cat Tarzan had recently passed away and I was having a very hard time with it and decided to give it a shot. Melissa was very sweet and offered an email reading or reading by phone. I’d always heard about the fakes out there using your responses or “reading” your voice to lead them into what they are saying so I decided an email reading would ensure that this couldn’t happen. Melissa asked for very minimal information and said it was
to make sure nothing I said influenced her reading. I sent the information requested (name, picture, age, and time he lived with me) along with some very general questions so that I wouldn’t “give anything away”. The information Melissa was able to provide after speaking with Tarzan (because I KNOW she spoke
with him) was astounding. There is no possible way, from the little information and picture I gave, that Melissa could have known. Not only personality traits but items in the previous home he lived in before coming to us, issues with his medicine that no one but my husband and I knew (no one knew Tarzan was on medication and this issue had nothing to do with his death). I decided to do a second reading for my other cat Sookie and again, she was able to come back to me with information about her there is no way she could have known unless she had actually spoken with my cat. I believe Melissa is the real thing and I highly recommend her. I’ve already mentioned it to friends and family who will be getting their own readings done. I promise you, you will not regret letting Melissa speak with your fur babies. Thank you Melissa for the peace you have brought me with Tarzan and for helping us with Sookie. Based on your conversation with her we are already working on helping her and we can already see a difference. Thank you so much! –– Angela, Memphis TN

Thank you so much Melissa for helping me in a time of distress! I sent a panicked message to Melissa asking her to pray for me – my blind hen Helen was missing and it was almost nighttime. I didn’t know if she was dead or alive. If she was still alive, I didn’t want her to be alone at night with predators around. Melissa dropped everything to help reassure me that Helen was indeed alive. She was lost, scared and cold – but alive! Melissa asked her animal spirit guides to protect Helen overnight until I could look for her in the morning. The animal spirits showed Melissa where Helen was located since Helen couldn’t see to describe her location. They also told Melissa that they would help guide me to find Helen in the morning if I asked for their assistance. I found Helen the next day in almost the exact spot that Melissa had described. Helen had fallen over a steep gulch and had entangled herself in some tree roots. Helen had somehow managed to free herself from the roots and walked out into the open. I asked the animal spirit guides to help guide me to Helen. True to their word, the spirit guides helped me to locate her. Melissa was so accurate in the description of Helen’s location that I managed to climb down the side of the gulch, locate Helen and climb back up to the top with my scared girl in less than 30 minutes. Finding a small brown hen in a tangle of trees, roots, leaves and foliage is not an easy task, especially when her coloration was meant to help her blend into the ground and plants. Without Melissa’s help, who knows how long I would have been down there searching for her? Melissa Sibio has a special gift of communicating with the animals. She has helped and reassured me on numerous occasions – I think that she has met almost my entire animal family, lol. Melissa is also kind, compassionate and empathetic towards the needs and feelings of the human asking for her help. She is a wonderful person with a beautiful heart – someone that I feel honored and blessed to call my friend.– Leigh Uemae-Valdivia Kaaawa, Oahu, Hawaii

I hired Melissa to communicate with my animals. If you need to communicate with your animals then Melissa is the right person to call. I had a great experience working with her. I know you will too!!
Thank you,– Sara Cole

Earlier this year, I had Melissa do some readings for me on a few of my animals. I gave her some questions to ask them, none too specific, you know, not wanting to “give away the answers”. Well, I can tell you the answers she got were quite specific and spot on! When she related in exact detail a very spectacular fall my horse had some years ago in the pasture that only I witnessed and told only my husband and the equine chiropractor about, it proved beyond a shadow of doubt she was truly communicating with him. She also
relayed specific information about pain he was having in his right front leg, which I knew about, but had asked only if he was in pain. Melissa has a true gift and she gave me valuable information to help my animals. Thank you, Melissa!”– Chris Apling

I am so very thankful that I found Melissa. I first used her services for animal communication and she immediately blew me away – the things she knew and said to me with no prior knowledge. It was an amazing experience and it really helped to answer some of my questions about a horse that I have been trying to rehab.

And then the next morning after my horse received his distant Reiki, his energy and happiness was very apparent. And of course, there was no placebo affect with him! So I then used Melissa for distant Reiki healing for myself. And I can honestly say I felt the change in my energy and have been going on that way for a few weeks now. I am so grateful that she shares her gifts with others.

If you have been considering doing this, I want to say that Melissa is the real deal. She is the one who can help you. So don’t be afraid to try it! 

Lauri Hewett