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Dozer’s daily message

Be kind to those around you for your seeking mind may flourish thoughts of unkindness to the world around you, but you must cherish every moment as it is the last for our time here is only of distance in this earthy realm. A distance that could go great or be of short period so cherish it always. Love life as a flower in the wind blowing here and there within the breeze of our divines breath. Breathe easy in the scapula of the mountains as this is pure country and purity of soul. Go, go spend your time amongst the stars, trees and animals as this is where you will find clarity in who you are and what your purpose may be in this life and the next. You will return many times until the soul “gets” he true message of relief it seeks. Skate amongst the stars and arians belt as this is where you need to be at this moment in time. Enjoy the life you lead and if not then change it as change is compelled in those who need it and desire it subconsciously as they know their true path, but fear, deception, and comfort hold them back from their true meaning and purpose in this journey! Go, Go and be free my friend as the willows float and dance in the trees and the hummingbirds buzz about. Enjoy life in all its glory forever in sync with your soul.

Love, Dozer

Love and light, Melissa Sibio animal communicator, Reiki practitioner 💛