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The great and wise Harambe!

Be kind as natures existence hangs in the balance and only you can teeter this one way or the other. Nature is unkind, but human kindness can be detrimental to the health and wellbeing of all in this earthly world. I am example as I sacrificed life for life to prevail. My job here is done. Teach each other the kindness of heart and love as love the highest vibration of all is less likely to be used in most uncanny circumstances. I am proud of who I am and This being said if more were there would be less hatred and strife in the world today, practice love and kindness instead of right and wrong as in this one can never be wrong.
I being a simple being of great understanding have showed more compassion and love than most over a life time of abundance thrown at them as my soul could express nothing more, but pure gratitude and pure of heart. Love should be shatter all over in great quantities as our earth; your earth now suffers in great imbalance and less grace than ever. Bring forth the great guides of past and allow them to vanquish this great land once again bringing peace, harmony and balance to all whom reside in it. Stop the force of soul destruction and begin the healing grace that needs purity and sings almighty and fierce as we are destroying the future to come. Bring forth sight and clairvoyance before it is to late. Rise above the rubble and flames fighting for freedom of all.
Thank you!