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What is Animal Communication?

Animal communication is a heart and soul connection between you and your animal.

Telepathy is a skill we are all born with and as we learn speech as our main form of communication, we stop using telepathy until we no longer believe it is possible. Yet, if you think about it, most people still use it they just put it down to coincidence. For example, have you ever thought about a friend and then they call or you think about someone and wonder if they’re ok when you reach out you hear they’ve been having a hard time. This is a form of telepathy, an energetic connection that we all have if we allow ourselves to accept it.

One of the fundamental concepts of animal communication is that individual animals, just like individual humans, have their own thoughts, personalities, needs, and perspectives on the world in which we live. Our ability to communicate with animals opens up new possibilities for sharing and learning wisdom that the animals have and want to give.

Telepathic/Psychic connection, is a psychic and telepathic communication with your animal companion, alive or passed on. Since it is telepathic and psychic in nature, this communication is possible whether the animal is physically present, across the world or left the body. It is through this subtle communication that questions can be answered, understanding and harmony restored in your home and life’s journey with your animal family.

Animal Telepathy may benefit you and your animal family in many ways. If you are having training issues with your animal friend, you may find out if the issue is related to pain or miscommunication or understanding of what you are asking them. You can find answers to why your animal friends display certain behaviors good or bad. Animal communication can open up a whole new way of understanding and knowing your animal family and in turn forge a deeper bond than you may have ever imagined there could be.

Ways that communication is received from the animals is through thoughts, images, feelings, words, impressions, smells, taste etc. When an animal may be in pain or ill, I will do a body scan and this means I ask permission to enter the animals physical body though spiritual energy so that I may feel pain, illness, etc. and where this may be in the body. If they know what the cause may be the animals will usually share this also, but most of the time I will receive symptoms of what they are feeling and where.

Keeping an open mind and heart to receiving information from your animal family allows them to be open and forth coming with information and answers to your questions. If you are not, they understand this and will sometimes refuse communication, because they feel their voice will not be heard. I have found in my experience that the more open the animals human family is to understanding them and their way the more information and cooperation I receive from them. So to get the most out of your session keep an open mind, heart and willingness to allow the animals an open door to communicate.

So it is up to a licensed veterinarian to diagnose and handle treatment. Animal psychic communication should never replace veterinarian care or training. Animal telepathic communication is used as a tool to better understand your animal friend. Also in some situations may be a useful tool in assisting your veterinarian in diagnosing the problem for possible quicker results.
Thank you!

– Melissa Sibio