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Animals Who Have Crossed

Telepathic communication with animal friends on the other side can be very emotional and enlightening at the same time.

No matter how they got to where they are now, the important thing to always remember their spirit always lives on. One session I remember a dog sharing with me when I connected with her that her purpose right now was to help others cross over. She then helped my dog Lita cross to the other side when she passed.. The animals are very happy and feel as young and vibrant as the day they where born. A family cat that I assisted in crossing over: At the time he crossed he was doing somersaults yelling, “wooo hooo!” The owner relayed to me that when he was younger he would fly through the house and do somersaults off the dresser in their bedroom (Funny boy). But when some have been sick for a while, In rare cases we may not be able to connect with them right away, in this case I will ask to schedule again in a few days and at this time they are usually ready and willing to communicate.

One thing to remember, you never have to have an animal telepathic communicator to send love to your friend whether they are presently with us or have crossed the rainbow bridge.

Your love is clear. Also keep in mind that just because their physical bodies are no longer here on earth does not mean that your animal family does not come back to visit from time to time. Sometimes animal family will come back to teach other family members new or previous to learn the ropes of what they need to know in order to step up in dominance. At times they will stay with their family members until they feel they can move on and their family will be ok. Animals are amazing creatures, their devotion and love is always strong and true.