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Preparing For Session

Preparing for a sessionPreparing for a session

Preparing for a session is fairly easy. When you first call or email to make an appointment, I will only ask for a picture and limited information about your animal/animals: their species dog, cat, horse, iguana, llama, etc. I also need name, approximate age, coloring and any detailed markings that may stand out. This will help ensure that I get a good connection with your friend and not the neighbor’s down the road. Also you do not have to be right next to or even close by your animal companion.  Animal telepathic communication has no distance boundaries attached.

If you are with your animal at the time of our session, please let them be free to do as they wish. Some animals decide to be right next to you looking into your eyes. Others may choose to stay or go into another room. Some just lay wherever they are and sleep even though they are still communicating. At times, it may be difficult to connect, when an animal is very ill or under stress. When they are under anesthesia, I may not be able to connect with them at all.

Preparing for a session

These things should help to prepare you for your session:

  • Let your animal friend know ahead of time we will be communicating soon.
  • Let them know this is their time to tell you everything on their minds that they would like you to know.
  • Please make a list of questions to have ready when you call. I would like to be able to get right to it so that you and your animal friend(s) can get the most out of your time together.
  • Please have an open mind and heart to hear what your animal friend has to say.
  • Please call in on time and have a quiet place to be able to hear and get the most out of our session.
  • Have a pen and paper if you would like to write down what your animal friend has to tell you for later.
  • Just enjoy your time together and the wonderful experience of getting to know your animal friend/friends on a deeper level.

Please remember most animal telepathic communicators are not veterinarians, but they may be able to help you understand how your animal is feeling or what they are experiencing. It is totally up to a licensed veterinarian to handle diagnosis
and treatment. I myself am not a licensed veterinarian.

*Most important: Sit back, Enjoy, and Have Fun!