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Here we will post articles and links to articles about Heavenly Hooves Animal Communication:

Pet psychic reveals hidden voice of animals-

If animals could talk, the world would be a different place. Just imagine if a horse could tell a human which part of his leg hurt. Or how about a dog who could come right out and say I’m really lonely when you go to work every day. Animals communicate with the people in their world, they just don’t use words. But pet psychic and animal communicator Melissa Sibio says they can have a voice.

Sibio learned that she had a special connection to animal feelings more than two decades ago, when she was about 10 years old, after communicating with the pet of a relative and was told, “She told me things she could have never known.” Read full article here.

Melissa Sibio, Animal Communicator by Riding & Riding Blog-

“From upstate New York, USA, Animal Communicator, Melissa Sibio has spent her life’s journey helping animal friends. As an animal communicator/pet psychic Melissa is dedicated to assisting animals and their humans to bridge the gap so often present between them. Melissa specializes in a soul connection and communication with dogs, cats, birds, horses, rabbits and all living and passed on animal family, all species of animals are more than welcome. Some situations where communication may be helpful include: behavior problems, emotional issues, physical issues, including pain, illness…” Read full article here.