When is it time to let go!? Crossing the bridge from life to death! July 11,2016

This truly seems to be one of THE toughest questions humans have in regards to their animals. When is it time? Do I make the decision? Would my friend like assistance or to leave on his/her own time?  Is it the right decision? Should I wait a little longer, try a little harder? Is my friend afraid? Is there a heaven for animals? Will I see them again? Will my friend be waiting for me when my time comes? These are just a few questions humans struggle with when it comes to this dreaded decision in our animal friends lives; sharing this beautiful transition from life to spirit.

This can be a truly confusing time as well as scary and sad. So what better way to proceed than include your animal friend in this decision and give them a choice as well as share with you their thoughts and feelings on death and dying. Sometimes the physical body no longer suites their spiritual being and they must move on for whatever reason, their are many reasons animals leave this physical world young and old.

Animals most often don’t “want” to die, but aren’t afraid of death either as they see this as a beautiful transition and opportunity for a new purpose and journey to come. Yes they miss us and their earthy time spent loving us.  At times they come back to us, but this is not always in their journey or purpose to do so as they have jobs on the other side as well guiding, loving, assisting etc. And at times they choose not to go another lifetime here in the physical world. Animals are amazing and will always send the highest vibrational love to us. They will always be there when we ask them to even in spirit because their love never fades even when they are no longer here with us in this earthy world.  💛
Each animal has a different message as it comes to their personal crossing from their physical being and each message in regards to this transition is beautiful beyond words.

A dog that I shared communication with the night before she was assisted in crossing shared a band of angels singing and blowing horns as they waited for her.

Another friend of mine named Ceazer a chocolate lab shared his thoughts with me that he was ready to pass on and his friend Lita was there waiting for him.

I have shared communication with a hen that was attacked by a dog and was dying. She died for a couple mins in her humans arms as another hen friend came placing her wing out for her friend. They showed crossing together as their energy swirled in beautiful colors from there something amazing happened as both hens joined in spirit and reentered the physical shell that lay lifeless in her humans arms. Amazingly she was back all of a sudden started breathing and from there had the personalities of both her hens, the one that crossed long before and Rosie that crossed from the dog attack. Animals are amazing!

Animals will always be there for us and with us. Always! They will meet us at the crossing of our physical life and assist in guiding us home with them to the beautiful realms of the heavens. Yes there is a heaven where animals and humans reside together in the afterlife and I personally am excited to join them someday!

Love and light, Melissa Sibio animal communicator, reiki practitioner

Asher’s message of wisdom July, 7 2016

Don’t loose your Daily sparkle in the darkness of an unjust and unkind world, yet let it shine brighter than ever before. For YOU and only YOU can brighten the darkness within your soul and as you brighten your darkness the darkness around you begins to fade as the light of love becomes overwhelming and beautiful. Write your heart because of each word there is truth and truth brings forth love in which love brings forth harmony among all. Shine your love to each you encounter as your search your journey others will follow the brightness of your soul simply because the light you shine is a compass to happiness, joy, love, prosperity, peace and harmony and in this all who seek it will follow YOU; so be your own ambassador and keep trudging on as your life is truly about to change in the godliness of LOVE forming through all! Don’t forget your true path among all the chaos, chatter and drama about because you are higher than this and should Never lower your vibrations of higher realms to fall into the dramatic paths of others that so easily sleek into your being! Keep protected with Gods divine love and ask for the assistance of Angels above as they are here to help and guide you always; not changing Free will, but yet gently guiding you in the correct path and wholly protecting you and surrounding you with the deepest divine love possible! Look to them, seek them as they are always here to help. Love thy self as you would love another and your light will shine brightly as ever. Stay focused on the path of LOVE and you can never go wrong in direction.
Love and light, Asher

Animal Communicator- Animal Talk July 4, 2016

Good Afternoon!
Guided by my Guides to share this today! <3
The Beauty of animal communication starts the beginning of the end as I say; the beginning of a new and wonderful understanding of your animals and their thoughts, feelings, perceptions on life, death, family situations, others in their tribe etc. etc. the list goes on and on. To me personally there is no such thing as a “dumb” or uninviting question, concern, request etc. as each human and animal have their very own thought pattern and process each one differently as we move through this life fluently and without flaw because we were not made in flaw, but in harmony and grace. Each animal is unique in their own way and communicate very differently as one is not the same as the other, but yet their own special being made of love, light and fairy sprinkles from the Angels above.
Communication with the animals can be and is VERY enlightening and chalked full of useful information if one allows it and does not “hinder” the process of communication being shared. I have heard many times in my years from a human perspective that they do not wish to share “Leading questions”!? For me and maybe I am not the smartest book in the shelf, but may I ask simply what is a “Leading question”?! I believe as well as the animals that a “specific” question is a perfect question IF you would like a solid, truthful, and clear answer form your animals as when one tries to hinder the process and confuse the question being asked with a vague inquiry this only confuses myself as a human and animal communicator as well as I send confusion to the animals because I simply do NOT understand myself what is being asked. lol So in turn you would receive the same confused energy or an answer that is not suiting for what you would like to know. Some animals are very bold and very good communicators being clear in their communication and very specific, some are not so good and I myself have to rely on what I feel or think they are trying to share as well as their human to in some ways assist if they have an idea based on what IS shared what the animal may be speaking of etc. Some will ONLY answer questions asked if that at times as each animal is very personal in their own way.
I am a very compassionate human with a deep love for our beautiful creatures, plants, water, trees, and all life forms as well as a loving energy worker, working on the healing of our beautiful planet, animals and humans alike. I send love to everyone I meet and even ones I don’t as I am doing now for all of you.  I believe Love is the highest purest vibration of ALL and is worth sending out as deeply as possible to create peace and Harmony between us all. I am here as an animal communicator and energy worker to assist YOU and your animals in the very highest vibration of love and understanding of one another in hopes of this creating peace, harmony and TRUE understanding for ALL. As what better way to move through your journey together with your animals than with a TRUE understanding of their wants, needs, desires, perceptions on life, death, love, compassion, thoughts, feelings, emotional needs and so much more. How beautiful this could be to glide through your friendship with true grace, love and understanding. I know I am Blessed and I am here to share this Blessing with ALL who desire it!
My name is Melissa Sibio and I am an animal communicator, Reiki energy healer for the greatest, highest good of ALL who seek it! Animal communication is shared through “telepathy” which carries no time or distance so I myself do not need to be with or even near the animals to share a connection and communicate. This as well is how communication takes place with animals whom have crossed from physical form. Reiki universal energy is as well shared the same way through “distance” or hands on if this is able to be shared. I will share an example of Reiki below in comments. Welcome and I look forward to sharing the love of the Animals with you.
Love, light and many Blessings, Melissa Sibio Animal communicator, Reiki energy worker May you be blessed today and everyday that follows!