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Simply Sharing Reiki with the animals

Are you an attuned Reiki practitioner or just want to share healing with your animals that Reiki has to offer and aren’t sure how or where to go?
My name is Melissa Sibio and I am an international animal Communicator, Usui Reiki Master, as well as a Karuna Reiki®️🕉 Master and I, am here to assist whether you would like to chat about sharing Reiki with animals or scheduling a distant Reiki session for you and your animals I am here for you. So let’s get started.
 Reiki with animals is very simple and I personally feel has been over complicated as animals are very receptive to this beautiful, healing, balancing life force energy and are usually more than willing and even sometimes demanding to receive it.  But what if you feel like your animal is refusing your approach? You Gently approach your animal friend with your intention for their Reiki session and your animal walks away or acts rigid in some way. Simply sit in meditation palms up offering the energy to the highest good and healing of the animal or situation. As a Reiki 2 practitioner you can offer distant reiki as well if an animal prefers not to be touched and this is perfectly ok as animals are as individual as humans and some just prefer not to be touched or the energy hands on is just too intense for them as well as there are situations where the animal is wild, feral, injured, scared or cannot be handled or is unsafe for any reason to be close to etc. Reiki universal life force energy is all-knowing intelligent energy so reiki will heal, balance, relax, provide pain relief and so much more bringing harmony to where it is needed most with your animals so you don’t have to force anything just send the energy for their highest divine healing.
Now you may be guided to certain areas of the animal’s body visually or physically go with it don’t question it just be open and go with what you feel you are guided. Intuitive thoughts, feelings, emotions, colors, sensations etc may come through to you visually or physically and as pure knowing this will only assist in your healing session with the animals because you are being shown where their energy blocks reside and where they may want more focus with reiki removing these energy blocks opening the channels of life force energy to these areas bringing balance and harmony to their energetic body, balancing their chakras, mind, physical body and spirit.
Another important thing is to never project or force your energy, thoughts, feelings, wants or needs on an animal during reiki this can make an animal agitated, upset and refuse the energy healing session all together always share an energy healing session with the animals for their highest divine healing and greatest highest good allowing them to evolve and heal as is best for their spiritual growth and needs. We can send Reiki ahead even a few mins for the highest good of situations as example sending Reiki to their harmonious training and retaining information, an event, ahead to show, potty training, vet visits, placing reiki protection around them before they go about their day, Sharing Reiki to assist with crossing over (this is another post) 💛 and so much more as there is no limit to what Reiki can do and heal within their and our highest good and healing. Simply sending Reiki with love and pure intent you can’t go wrong!
Would you like to know more in regards to Reiki and reiki benefits for you and your animals or schedule a session to communicate with them?  visit me at I will be honored to schedule a Reiki energy healing session with you and your animals or assist you along your Reiki journey with them. I also offer animal communication to assist you in being more aware of what your animals are feeling physically, emotionally and spiritually, their wants, needs, perceptions in life and life’s situations etc to assist in guiding you even deeper along your healing journey together.
Love and light, Melissa Sibio Animal Communicator, Reiki Master
Namaste 🙏