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Story of Chorizo the missing Bearded Dragon

Good Morning friends.

I would love to share a beautiful reunion of a Bearded dragon and his human after he had been missing for 4 almost 5 days What a remarkable day.

Meet Mr. Chorizo “Chori” He is quite a character in himself and QUITE sassy as well. LOL, Mr. Chori’s human Darlene contacted myself on Monday, Feb 3rd I believe with a request to communicate with her “Missing Bearded Dragon” she approached me with that this was a kind of unusual case and had been turned away by I believe 2 other animal communicators because of the long shot it would be. I shared with Darlene that communication with Chori was no different to me that communication with any other species and I would be honored to assist. I explained what I could offer and that everything shared would be from Choris perception so we had to look from a different viewpoint; Darlene agreed and we scheduled for Wed. Feb 4TH to communicate with Chori.

Chori first shared concrete and a crack or area he slipped in well Darlene quickly shared that is “Everywhere” LOL and she met literally as her apartment complex was pretty much made if gray concrete. OK so we dug deeper LOL and I have to say Chori was amazing with the detail of what he seeing in front of him and what he was feeling around him. He showed being in what looked like a pipe or vent that blew warm air and it was dark, but at times light would shine in like the sun. He shows many different details like a planter with a tree in it, flowers, etc. I can’t remember them all offhand, but they were ALL accurate. Darlene thought she knew where Chori was so she started to search and choir’s response to this was “ about time” as he wanted his worms. LOL

Thursday, Feb 5TH I received some pictures of doors that were unknown to be there where they thought chori might be and they would keep me posted. What an exciting moment, but no Chori 😞
Next, I would receive a Text at 5:14 PM EST “I FOUND HIM”!!!! He is such an amazing guy as he was showing images to me that was in his and his family’s own apartment but in the emotional upset of the moment, his mom had thought he had gotten away outside. What an awesome guy! Chori was under the dishwasher near the pipes and warm vent on a gray concrete floor and everything he showed me pretty much was right outside of where he was hiding. He could see!!!!

I am so honored Darlene reached out to me in her time of need to help her friend who also helped her by scratching at the floor so that she could hear him; what an amazing joyous reunion and a magnificently happy ending to a very scary and emotional few days.

I am an animal communicator and it is not only my job

but my complete passion and duty to assist ALL animals whether it be a spider to fly, reptiles or dogs, cats, horses “all species” in the physical or in spirit to share their voice to connect with their divine energy bringing knowledge and understanding in all situations and more. I love who I am and I love what I bring to the world.

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Love & Light, Melissa Sibio Animal Communicator, Reiki Master